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Legend Of Hiro

Play as Hiro in this Flash adventure. Find the right items, talk to the right people, kill the bad demon. Legends Of Hiro provides a little world for you to adventure around this lazy day, that's if the music doesn't drive you crazy first - you can turn it down but not off. The game has all the essentials of a RPG game and not to forget the detailed 2D graphics and gameplay. A great game sadly it was too short. Secret As Majutsu tells you, there is a secret in this game. How? Go to O-Ren and stand in the Inconspicuous Spot, in the right of the screen, use Take and obtain “Herring”. Go to Skum and use the item on the Mogorones to obtain “Red Herring”. Go back to O-Ren and cut the Leaves in the upper-right, either with the “Holy-Demon-Slayer Sword” or “Samurai Sword” to get the Odd Machine to appear. Use the “Red Herring” and obtain “Sunglasses” from the game creator. Use these on Bakashu to see her nude, the Sunglasses remove the Goo. That’s the secret

Tags: Rpg
Created and Distributed by Visual Noize