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Shoot the asteroids while avoiding collisions with them. Occasionally a flying saucer will appear and attempt to shoot y

Pacman Miniclip

You are PacMan, and you must eat all the small dots to get to the next level. You must also keep away from the ghosts, i

Bubble Bobble

The classic arcade game "Bubble Bobble" returns back in this flash remake, with great style and new features. This i

Tetris Miniclip

When an entire horizontal line fills with blocks, the line clears from the screen and the player earns points. If lines

Flash Ludo

The classic board game that everyone have played when they were young. It's a bit boring to play against the computer, b

Flash Minesweeper

Sweep all the mines from the field by clicking only the adjacent squares. The numbers on the squares indicates how many

Chinese Checkers

Playing the classic board game against the computer can prove to be quite a challenge and it is a bit irritating that yo

2d Chinese Checkers

The aim of the game is to clear the board by jumping over your dots with other dots until there is only one left. It ta


Klondike is the classic solitaire game. Unlike some people might think Microsoft did not invent this patience but merely

Crash Down

Like other collapse clones you should click on the clusters of blocks (3 or more) to make them go away so that you 'work

Cube Buster

This is a hot version of the classic collapse game with several power ups and horrible 8-bit sound.

Lunar Command

Defend your moon bases from the evil 'rays' with your scuds by blowing them up before they can do any damage. Lunar Co

Space Invaders

There is a horde of evil space ships invading you and you are alone with only a few withering shields to protect you. Sh

The Last Fight