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Flash Ludo

The classic board game that everyone have played when they were young. It's a bit boring to play against the computer, b

Chinese Checkers

Playing the classic board game against the computer can prove to be quite a challenge and it is a bit irritating that yo

2d Chinese Checkers

The aim of the game is to clear the board by jumping over your dots with other dots until there is only one left. It ta

Snowboarder XS

This is a very short demo of Snowboarder XS. You race down the mountain doing some nice tricks after the bumps and then

3d Reversi

This is just like the classic board game Othello. But with a very brilliant opponent you have little chance of success u

Skate Boy

Not the best skateboarding game you'll find, but one that's rather enjoyable no less. Press space to jump and 1-9 to do

Ur Checkers

I've always been more of a chess fan, but Checkers is always an enjoyable game to play. The game here is no different; y

Master Checkers

Checkers as is. Just click the piece you intend to move, then click the block you intend to move it to. Admitted, the bo


A somewhat complicated board game that will appeal to many who like board games especially the 'smart crowd', but a majo