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Super Mario World

A version of the popular Mario Brothers games that have been around for decades.

Spider Solitaire

Solitaire is a great game but it can get old after a while. Spider Solitaire is

Adrenaline Challenge

The game is hard and slick just because it may look easy, think again its not as

Yeti Bubbles

If you liked Bust-A-Move or Tetris, you'll love Yeti Bubbles! Yeti Bubbles is a

Raiden X

The sequel to Raiden I and Raiden II, RaidenX is a 2D vertical-shooter Flash gam


Shoot the asteroids while avoiding collisions with them. Occasionally a flying s

FFX Runner

Its a great racing game and its better than the most . The game is titled as FFX

Ultimate Flash Sonic

Just like the original sonic game, but only better. Big game, may take a min to

Police Chopper

You fly around in you police chopper in trying to complete diffucult missions af

Mountain Bike

This is a very nice mountain bike game set in the woods it may look easy but its

FFX Racing

FFX Racing is a 3D racing game set in the countryside. All you have to do is get

Legend Of Hiro

Play as Hiro in this Flash adventure. Find the right items, talk to the right pe

Pacman Miniclip

You are PacMan, and you must eat all the small dots to get to the next level. Yo

Dirt Bike

Time to get dirty on this nice skilled moto bike game the idea of the game is to

Plumber 2

Rotate pipes and let the water flow to the other side but don't allow it to cras

Orbox 2

The purpose of this puzzle game is to run one box into the exit. Seems simple en


Jump on all the platforms to make them disappear. You can jump two steps if you

3D Logic

A great 3d game that tests your spatial and logic skills. 3D Logic looks very s

Red Beard

Simple concept: get to the other side as fast as possible. The longer you take,

Save The Sheriff

The sheriff's been kidnapped by burglars and it's up to you, his faithful pig, t

Bubble Bobble

The classic arcade game "Bubble Bobble" returns back in this flash remake, with


A 4-level Adveture game that is truly funny, but action-packed. To get through t


Introducing Tanks, an advance Tank War Game ever and it couldn't be more easier

Adventure Elf

Help frank the annoying elf to catch all the penguins holding the present so tha

Alpha Attack

This game can be used to train your eye-hand coordination and typing speed. A

Blox 2

You start out with a number of colored 'blox' that you should group together so

Da Numba

You have a number that you should reach up to by clicking clicking on the boxes

Dr Carter

You are doctor cart and you are trapped on the bottom of a pit with lava stramin


You have to pop all the balls that are in you way when you try to reach the chee

Qbris Tetris

The object of the game deceptively simple and completely addictive. The player m