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In this darts game you will play the computer, each player takes turns to throw 3 darts each and is required to throw a

Golf Master

Choose your club, decide the angle and strike as hard as you can at least that's what I think you should do in this stra

Dune Bashing

You have to be very careful when you are crossing the dunes in Dubai with your little 4 wheeler since the smallest mista

2D Bowling

If you've ever played bowling you will be able to figure this one out rather quickly but mastering this game is a whole

Skido TT

Compete against yourself in this small racing game. You are racing on a snow scooter in a set track with big bumps, icy

Snowboarder XS

This is a very short demo of Snowboarder XS. You race down the mountain doing some nice tricks after the bumps and then

Real Pool

This is a really cool pool game as opposed to most other pool games you can adjust everything to perfection and take a l

Forrest Challenge

Forrest Challenge 2 is a clean mini golf game with nice graphics and ordinary game play you won't be surprised but neith

Ma Balls

Overall, an OK game to play, and not a bad way at all to kill some time. That said, it's an easily forgettable game, and

Skate Boy

Not the best skateboarding game you'll find, but one that's rather enjoyable no less. Press space to jump and 1-9 to do

Extreme Racing

Old-School arcade game that's surprisingly very fun. Just use the arrow keys to navigate and make sure you don't crash.

Battle Pong

A classic, nostalgic game that is still surprisingly fun to play in today's PS3 and Xbox-dominated world. It's plain, si

Plastic Soccer

Plastic soccer seems like remake of a board game. You have five static players that can "shoot" the ball and noting more

Yetisports 1

Whether you like or don't like the above-mentioned sports, you'll still get a kick out of this really cool and fun littl

Yetisports 2

Some very impressive graphics give this game a sweet polished look, however its game-play may be far too easy and un-cha

Air Hockey

Don't have enought time to go to the mall or arcade to play, then this should keep you busy till then. Admittedly, it's


This seems like a very easy game although I didn't manage to hit the ball once in my first 10 trials. For me it's a new

Canyon Glider

Press the left and right arrow keys alternately to give your glider a head start to take off from the cliff, the nuse th

Reel Gold

A Silly but admittedly fun game, and better than other games of the sort in that asks for more particpation from the pla

Rural Racer

A fun racing game to play that can also be enjoyed by those of us who are not into this sort of thing, largely thanks to

Micro Racers

I'm not exaclty a formula one fan, so I can't say i enjoyed this game as much as I should have. That said, the game's ok

Abba The Fox

A harmless fun but slow and repetitive game. Worth a check-out, but don't expect too much from it as it simply is what i

The Fisher

A fun chill-out little game that's surprisingly enaging. Solid cartoonish graphics, easy game-play, a humorous voice-ove

Shooting Fish

An alright game to play; one that requires a little patience, but that's pretty much its downside: a palpable lack of ex

3d Superball

Those of you enjoy squash or games of the like, might get a kick out of this one, but for the rest of us, it's an inadeq

Hot Shots

I wasn't expecting much out of this game, but much to my surprise I was greatly entertained and couldn't stand not makin

Roboxer 2

Your classical boxing game with the robotic twist. A solid, but hardly fun endeavor given it's slow punches and very ann

Show Jumping

This is just like real horse jumping. You guide your horse through fences, makes sure that the horse is not to tired bef

The Champions 07

For those of you who can't wait to get back home and play Pro-Evolution soccer or Fifa on your consoles, this should hel