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Plumber 2

Rotate pipes and let the water flow to the other side but don't allow it to crash.

Orbox 2

The purpose of this puzzle game is to run one box into the exit. Seems simple enough right? Well throw in the fact that


Jump on all the platforms to make them disappear. You can jump two steps if you hold space.

3D Logic

A great 3d game that tests your spatial and logic skills. 3D Logic looks very similar to Rubik's Cube. It involves colo


A 4-level Adveture game that is truly funny, but action-packed. To get through the next level, you must try and accumula

Flash Minesweeper

Sweep all the mines from the field by clicking only the adjacent squares. The numbers on the squares indicates how many

Rikshaw Jam

Your rickshaw is stuck in traffic or rather what appears to be a parking lot, a very narrow one. You can move all the c

Tip And Run

The aim of this Tip And Run is to get the the plasma containers into the exit and then follow. This can be very tricky..

Tubes Mix

Arrange the parts of the big pipe into a whole unit according to the blue print.

D Star

A little guy with an absolutely out-of-control movement is sure to hit the targeted diamonds all over the place. To move


Sudoku is a number placement puzzle based on logic rather than mathematics. The concept of Sudoku is simple. The puzzle

Double Maze

You control two orbs in two different mazes and you have to get them to two different goals. This game requires a heck

Hapland 1

Click on everything in the right order and sometimes at the right time to light the big old portal to the right. The Ha

Hapland 2

Hapland 2 is even more difficult than the original Hapland this time the portal is buried under ground so I'm not sure h

Hapland 3

What seems to be the final episode of the Hapland series take you into the forrest where you yet again will strive to fi

2d Chinese Checkers

The aim of the game is to clear the board by jumping over your dots with other dots until there is only one left. It ta

Sudoku Original

In Sudoku you should arrange 9*9 numbers in such an order that no line has the same number twice and the squares on the

Aqua Energizer

Penguin Push

At first sight, this game looks like it might be too easy to be appealing. Playing it however, proves to be a little dif

Pipe Down

Arrange the parts of the pipe so that it forms a complete pipe fitting together good enough for the ball to pass through


You have a lot of lights to turn on and you do that by grabbing onto them one or several times. Most of the game play is

Lucky Balls

A surprisingly fun and colorful recreational game that will have you captivated, and will more than most likely get you

Pharaohs Treasure

For those of you who have the patience to enjoy cracking puzzles and codes, this will appeal to you. For those of you th


Who can ever forget Tetris, that game we all whored back in the first Game-boy days and many of us till do today. Tetrix

Orbox 1

Reach the exit by finding the correct path through this "open maze". Unlike other mazes you want to stay in this one and

Verti Pool

This Game might prove frustrating and tedious to some, but therein lies its appeal, as it's certainly a challenge for th

Simple Tetris

What can one say about this game that isn't already known. It was a major platinum hit when it first came out on Gameboy

Memory Trial

It is often said that the best way to keep your mind sharp, is to keep practicing via games of this sort. This may well

Perfect Pizza

A silly but surprisingly fun little game that can actually get you a little addicted. Simple concept, simple and colorfu

Space Man

This Game isn't that easy to play and that's the point, and that's why you're going to be re-playing it again and again

Mindfields 2204

Mindfields 2

Acid Factory

You are in the acid factory on a very important missions; to collect all the batteries... Acid Factory is a very cool l

Block N Roll

This is a really cool puzzle, you have this 3d block that is 1*1*2 units and it can rotate like you excpect a block to r