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Raiden X

The sequel to Raiden I and Raiden II, RaidenX is a 2D vertical-shooter Flash game. There are 8 levels and this new version allows you to save your game after each level (yay!) I've complete them in 1 go! On the main menu of the game, go to "SETTING" then choose "DIFFICULTY." There are three levels to choose from - EASY, NORMAL and HARD. Normal should be okay for most players, but choose Easy if you suck; Hard if you rock. Hint Concentrate on building up level of a particular weapon. I would recommend working on the purple particle cannon thingie : D Cheats -- 5 Bombs -- On the title screen, select "New Game" whenever the background animation is flashing white. If you get the timing right, you'll start with 5 bombs instead of 3! For a better success rate, play at normal resolution (300x350) to reduce lagging. -- Hidden 1UP -- In stage 3, just before you reach the open harbour, you'll see a blue box marked with a "?". Don't shoot at it (if you have homing missiles or a wide-spread gun, let go of the FIRE key). Try not to die either, or the debris of your ship may hit the box. Wait until a nearby tank comes out of its base and runs over the box to break it. Taadaa! Out comes your free 1UP! -- Invisibility Mode -- During the takeoff sequence after stage 5, press CTRL. A textbox at the bottom-right corner will pop out. Type in "go0gleypower" and after the animation (stage 6), you'll remain invisible for 20-30 seconds. Survival guaranteed! You'll return to normal at around the time you see the ruby (which gives you a 1UP).

Tags: Top Down Shooter
Created and Distributed by Crazymonkeygames