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Dr Carter

You are doctor cart and you are trapped on the bottom of a pit with lava straming up faster and faster... It doesen't lo

Fish Tales

Play a game of big fish eat small fish. Meet Sunny, a small fish in a vast ocean. Use your mouse to help sunny survive

Minecar Mayhem

Minecar Mayhem puts you into an mine cart without any breaks and no stability at all, you have to correct your angle all


You controll a little devill named devlin on his way to what seems to be the center of the earth. On his way down there


Manole is trapped on the rood of a monastery that he has just built but he can't get down so you have to help him fly aw

Tribal Jump

Jump from scull to scull by pointing and aiming with the mouse. The game is very frustrating since you have to start all

Mission Mars

You are in the shape of a flying saucer that is flying over something a city on mars. The game is extraordinary simple a

Fish Eat Fish

Draw a line around fishes with the same color to make them unit and become a bigger fish. If you have a fish with anothe

2 Many Bugs

Draw a line around bugs with the same color to so that they unit and become a bigger bug. The music and feeling of the g

Reach The Sky

Jump at the precise moment to reach as high as possible... Well that's all there is to it... Nothing more to learn, noth


This seems like a very easy game although I didn't manage to hit the ball once in my first 10 trials. For me it's a new


A very simple of the classic game breakout. You control a paddle that you use to keep your ball in play until all the br