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Stickman Sam 3

Control Stickman Sam through various controls. A very old-school type game that might appeal to a few, but that many mig


Who can ever forget Tetris, that game we all whored back in the first Game-boy days and many of us till do today. Tetrix

Dragon Dash

Hold and release the space bar to dash your dragon through the tunnel. A surprisingly very fun and trippy game to play;


An alright concept but a so-so game and execution that borders on annoying some of the time. Basically, one can't help b

Yetisports 3

The Yetis Sports series are always a hoot to play. Just cute, plain, silly fun and worthwhile when you're just trying t

2d Paintball

Just use your mouse, point'em at the smileys and hit as many as you can. The gameplay is easy enough, but you've got to

Perfect Pizza

A silly but surprisingly fun little game that can actually get you a little addicted. Simple concept, simple and colorfu

Alien Abduction

A really cool concept of a game. Use your arrow keys to navigate the alien ship, and space bar to beam them up and bean

Alien Clones

Just use your mouse and destroy whatever's coming at you. A very cool and fun game to play that's rather simple but quit

Rigelian Hotshots

A very simple game. Just use your arrow keys to navigate and kill as many bugs as you can. Steer clear of the walls thou


Simply use the arrow keys to pick up slacker items and avoid stressful ones. A nice concept but a much too silly and eas


This game is proof that "Snake" belongs strictly on your cell phone and not on a computer. It is by no means a bad game


A surprisingly fun and original game to play. (you can never really go wrong with a game called kaboom anyways). Neat gr


A clever little game. Control your eagle with the arrow keys, eat the smaller birds to grow bigger and avoid the larger

Starship Eleven

A fun, simple, little old-school game. Simply use the arrow keys to navigate your way around and score points. Silly fun

Paint Ball

Not the best, or even the most stress-relieving fun game you'll ever play, but an enjoyable one no less; especially if y

3d Superball

Those of you enjoy squash or games of the like, might get a kick out of this one, but for the rest of us, it's an inadeq

Pumpkin Battle

At first glance, a game by the name of "Pumpkin Battle" doen't look all that and sounds very silly and child-ish (which


A wacky, fun, odd little game with superb cartoon-ish graphics. Admittedly, it's silly and can be a bit frustrating at t