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Midnight Strike

This one's a heck of a fighting game for an arcade. Show your opponent the moves, bust his calculated advances with the weapon of your choice, and victory prevails. Midnight Strikes is almost like the legendary fighting games of all-time: Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and Street Fighter. A one-player game, you get to prove your skills in fighting with these 3 levels-- Normal, for the not-so-violent, punch-move-attack-and-punch type; Difficult, ah, this one is a little harder than the usual. Insanity, the player would definitely bust his opponent's brains out (representin', bustin' musketballs in his ass!)! Midnight Strikes does not only entertain, it also helps the player not only to utilize time on such tactics, but also to use his brain for defense in order for him to get ahead.

Tags: Action
Created and Distributed by Arcadetown