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Police Chopper

You fly around in you police chopper in trying to complete diffucult missions after you have complete your exam.

Pacman Miniclip

You are PacMan, and you must eat all the small dots to get to the next level. You must also keep away from the ghosts, i

Red Beard

Simple concept: get to the other side as fast as possible. The longer you take, the more points you lose. On your way ov

Save The Sheriff

The sheriff's been kidnapped by burglars and it's up to you, his faithful pig, to save him! Collect the coins for bonuse

Adventure Elf

Help frank the annoying elf to catch all the penguins holding the present so that he can... Well... I'm not sure what he

Alpha Attack

This game can be used to train your eye-hand coordination and typing speed. Alpha bombs are actually aliens from oute

Blox 2

You start out with a number of colored 'blox' that you should group together so that they disappaer, you can do this by

Da Numba

You have a number that you should reach up to by clicking clicking on the boxes with the numbers. For example if you sho

Dr Carter

You are doctor cart and you are trapped on the bottom of a pit with lava straming up faster and faster... It doesen't lo


You have to pop all the balls that are in you way when you try to reach the cheese that you should also pop. The game is

Tetris Miniclip

When an entire horizontal line fills with blocks, the line clears from the screen and the player earns points. If lines


You have to guide your twiddlestix through narrow water corridors while it it slowly spins so you have to be very precis


This is a rather messy game for two players. It's almost like ping pong but with a twist and that is that you can shoot

3 Foot Ninja 1

You are a very small and agressive ninja that has a lot of evil enimies. Try to battle them with your sword and your thr

Superbike GP

Superbike GP brings back the feeling of the classic racing games with the 'genuing' 3D feeling from the good old times.

3 Foot Ninja 2

Lol, what a nice little treat!! 3 Foot ninja certainly has charm. If you're a fan of comics, mangas, or ninjas, then thi

Aqua Energizer

Crash Down

Like other collapse clones you should click on the clusters of blocks (3 or more) to make them go away so that you 'work

Cube Buster

This is a hot version of the classic collapse game with several power ups and horrible 8-bit sound.


Gyroball is nice clone of the classic Atari game Marble Madness. You guide the 'Gyroball' through short but difficult la

Harvey Wallbanger

Harvey Wallbanger seems to be a very cool dude and this game holds some very cool music. You have a disco ball the you s

Letter Rip

Find words in a web of hexes. You get a higher score every time you use the same ship again.

Lunar Command

Defend your moon bases from the evil 'rays' with your scuds by blowing them up before they can do any damage. Lunar Co

Mission Mars

You are in the shape of a flying saucer that is flying over something a city on mars. The game is extraordinary simple a


A harmless, fun game with some really slick graphics that will certainly appeal to most people. It does get a little too

Penguin Push

At first sight, this game looks like it might be too easy to be appealing. Playing it however, proves to be a little dif

Pipe Down

Arrange the parts of the pipe so that it forms a complete pipe fitting together good enough for the ball to pass through


Aim and jump to the next platform or propeller plane and on the way you should try to catch a couple of bonuses in diffe


Roll on through the levels with your 3D ball, avoid the obstacles and collect the stars and other 'prizes'.

Santa Balls 2

Swap the christmas balls to create lines of three or more balls. When they form a line they disappear and new balls take


You should place your sheepish sheep in their folds on the other side of the dangerous highway and the deep river. Be v

Skido TT

Compete against yourself in this small racing game. You are racing on a snow scooter in a set track with big bumps, icy

Snowboarder XS

This is a very short demo of Snowboarder XS. You race down the mountain doing some nice tricks after the bumps and then

Space Escape

Guide you little space ship through the narrow corridors of the space mazes, pick up power ups and avoid the walls and o


You have a lot of lights to turn on and you do that by grabbing onto them one or several times. Most of the game play is


Alien Atack

Feel like shooting at something and letting off some steam, or just getting better with your hand-eye co-ordination, the

Alien Abduction

A really cool concept of a game. Use your arrow keys to navigate the alien ship, and space bar to beam them up and bean

Alien Clones

Just use your mouse and destroy whatever's coming at you. A very cool and fun game to play that's rather simple but quit



This seems like a very easy game although I didn't manage to hit the ball once in my first 10 trials. For me it's a new


Bloomin Gardens

Bubble Trouble

Bug On A Wire


Cable Capers 2

Canyon Glider

Press the left and right arrow keys alternately to give your glider a head start to take off from the cliff, the nuse th

Carnival Jackpot

Crimson Viper

Cyber Mice Party

Disc Golf

Spank The Frank

Hostile Skies

Now this is a cool game to play. I lost sight of whatever it was I was doing, and got stuck on this game for a while. Wh

King Of The Hill

Defend your castle by firing your catapults at the incoming invaders. An interesting and somewhat different game to play

Magic Balls


A somewhat complicated board game that will appeal to many who like board games especially the 'smart crowd', but a majo

Miniclip Rally

Monkey Lander

Pearl Diver

Pharaohs Tomb

Pharaohs Tomb looks very cool and they did a good job on it. But it's still rather boring and very difficult to get into

Reel Gold

A Silly but admittedly fun game, and better than other games of the sort in that asks for more particpation from the pla

Rigelian Hotshots

A very simple game. Just use your arrow keys to navigate and kill as many bugs as you can. Steer clear of the walls thou

Rural Racer

A fun racing game to play that can also be enjoyed by those of us who are not into this sort of thing, largely thanks to

Samurai Warrior

Don't go into this game expecting something on the level of Street Fighter or Motal Kombat; as you may well know, it's n

Shove It


Simply use the arrow keys to pick up slacker items and avoid stressful ones. A nice concept but a much too silly and eas


This game is proof that "Snake" belongs strictly on your cell phone and not on a computer. It is by no means a bad game

Space Fighter

A different type of star-fighter game that involves you rotating and keeping a 360 degree guard as enemies come around y

Space Invaders

There is a horde of evil space ships invading you and you are alone with only a few withering shields to protect you. Sh

Stan Skates

Starship 11

As simple a they come. Just use the arrow keys to navigate your way around the block and avoid ostacles as you do so. Th

Sub Commander

A so-so game that really could have be worth-while if not for it's uncanny and rather annoying game-play and repetitive

Surfs Up

Tennis Ace


Wake Boarding


These games just never get old do they? Your basic starfighter challenge with the option to use either the mouse or keyb

Verti Golf 1

Verti Golf 2



A harmless fun little game with some solid graphics that will do you will to kill some time. Admittedly it's nothing spe

Beach Tennis

Cannon Blast


Field Goal

Golden Balls

Shootin Hoops

Nordic Chill

Paint Ball

Not the best, or even the most stress-relieving fun game you'll ever play, but an enjoyable one no less; especially if y

Park A Lot 2

Super-santa Ski Jump

Sling Shot


A very simple of the classic game breakout. You control a paddle that you use to keep your ball in play until all the br

Topsy Turvy

Beckham Fit

Black Jack Elf

This is ordinary black jack but with the annoying elf that bombards you with comments that you can hardly make out becau

Boom Boom Volleyboll

Bush Aerobics

Royal Rampage

While the concept of playing with Bush and fending off terrorists might be a turn-off to many, there is no denying this

Bush Shoot Out

Dancing Blair

Dancing Bush

Dancing Cherie

Dancing Hillary

Fowl Words 2

Fowl Words

Kerry Aerobics

Presidental Knockout

This game might be a little out-dated now, but it's still knock-out silly fun, especially for those of us that are polit

United We Dance

White House Joust

Clowning Around


The Ashes

Acid Factory

You are in the acid factory on a very important missions; to collect all the batteries... Acid Factory is a very cool l


Ping Pong

Monkey Kick Off


Ice Slide

Up Beat

Type to the music so it feels like you are playing the piano. When you start to get the hang of it this game you just ca

Deep Freeze

Snow Line