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Adventure Elf

Help frank the annoying elf to catch all the penguins holding the present so that he can... Well... I'm not sure what he

Da Numba

You have a number that you should reach up to by clicking clicking on the boxes with the numbers. For example if you sho


You have to pop all the balls that are in you way when you try to reach the cheese that you should also pop. The game is

Harvey Wallbanger

Harvey Wallbanger seems to be a very cool dude and this game holds some very cool music. You have a disco ball the you s

Letter Rip

Find words in a web of hexes. You get a higher score every time you use the same ship again.

Santa Balls 2

Swap the christmas balls to create lines of three or more balls. When they form a line they disappear and new balls take

Black Jack Elf

This is ordinary black jack but with the annoying elf that bombards you with comments that you can hardly make out becau