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Mountain Bike

This is a very nice mountain bike game set in the woods it may look easy but its not , The idea of the game is to try a

Dirt Bike

Time to get dirty on this nice skilled moto bike game the idea of the game is to try and make it over the objects/tracks

Bubble Bobble

The classic arcade game "Bubble Bobble" returns back in this flash remake, with great style and new features. This i

Alias 1

You enter in to a strange world filled mysterious enemies in the form of a small man with a very large gun that you will

Emily Grace

A MUST play! This is an awesome 3D third person shooter. The story begins as the enemy has attacked and is currently

Flash Ludo

The classic board game that everyone have played when they were young. It's a bit boring to play against the computer, b

Flash Minesweeper

Sweep all the mines from the field by clicking only the adjacent squares. The numbers on the squares indicates how many

Jewel Thief

This is a very tricky game, but yet at the same time a very exciting game. you have to watch every step you make and loo

Rikshaw Jam

Your rickshaw is stuck in traffic or rather what appears to be a parking lot, a very narrow one. You can move all the c

The Professionals

Practice shooting in front of a huge villa on an endless line of cardboard people.

Dune Bashing

You have to be very careful when you are crossing the dunes in Dubai with your little 4 wheeler since the smallest mista

3d Reversi

This is just like the classic board game Othello. But with a very brilliant opponent you have little chance of success u

Alpha Bravo Charlie

Simple Graphics and easy game-play. Use the arrow keys to navigate and z and x for weapons. The game is simple enough e


Fish Eat Fish

Draw a line around fishes with the same color to make them unit and become a bigger fish. If you have a fish with anothe

Forrest Challenge

Forrest Challenge 2 is a clean mini golf game with nice graphics and ordinary game play you won't be surprised but neith


A very bloody version of the classic game Frogger. You are the frog Frogger that needs to cross the busy street and get

Gem Mania

Very simply, yet surprisingly fun game. Just move the train around the blocks and collect the gems. That's it! Kids will


Lucky Balls

A surprisingly fun and colorful recreational game that will have you captivated, and will more than most likely get you

Ma Balls

Overall, an OK game to play, and not a bad way at all to kill some time. That said, it's an easily forgettable game, and

Mad Cows

Click on the cows behaving odd (the 'Mad Cows'). Try to neutralize as many cows as possible before the times run out.

Micro Tanks

Micro Tanks can be very fun to play against a friend but the computer really do the game injustice. It's a bit easy to g

Mini Nitros

Pharaohs Treasure

For those of you who have the patience to enjoy cracking puzzles and codes, this will appeal to you. For those of you th

Solitaire Fog

This is Solitaire: no more, no less, and nothing new except for the brighter colors, addition of soothing music, and som

Space Explorer

Guide your space ship onto one of the platforms as smoothly as possible (very smoothly). You have 4 exhaust engines that

Sweeth Tooth

Easy game-play and ok graphics. This is a harmless mediocre game, but one for kids and only kids, as adults will find ab

Fat Fred

A harmless, old-school, fun little game that wil surly appeal more to kids than adults. That being said, it can actually

Alias 2

Despite an interesting concept and easy game play, this game feels like it could have used with some more work particula

4x4 Rally

Bomber Bob


Chain Reaction

Connect 2

Connect 4

Cowboy Bullet

Formula Fog

Go Santa

Indiana Jones

Jungle Crash


A surprisingly fun and original game to play. (you can never really go wrong with a game called kaboom anyways). Neat gr

Little Shepheard

Match The Bugz

Maxims Day Out

Maxims Seaside Adventure

Muay Thai

Naval Gun

What could have raised this game from it's solid level of mediocrity, would have been better graphics and easier gamepla

Office Paintball 2


Space Bugs

Table Tennis

War Games


Battle Tanks

Fly Plane

Lucky Clover

Saloon Shootout

Tower Defence


Air Hockey

Show Jumping

This is just like real horse jumping. You guide your horse through fences, makes sure that the horse is not to tired bef

18 Wheeler

Alias 3


Bmx 2 Ramps

FOG Bowling

Captain USA

FOG Colors

Dirt Bike 2

The sequel to the successful Dirt Bike. This game is at the same time very different and also very much the same. The st


Free Kick Champ

Go Green


Mini Pool 3

Multiplayer Bunny Wars

Ninja Rampage

Pig War

Skeet Shooting

Stone Breaker

Swat Attack

Tanks V2

Battle Over Berlin

Caveman Run

Dirt Bike Championship

Fat Ninja

Fly Catcher

Island Defence

Keep Ups 2

Last Shot

Match 4

Multiplayer Checkers

FOG Numbers

Push It

Sim Lemonade 30 Days

Sky Fire Fighter

Street Drifting

Taxi Driver

The Professionals 2

Bone Attack

Bubble Fairy

Conquer Antarctica

Dare Devil

Dirtbike 3

Ants Colonies

Ants World

Block N Roll

This is a really cool puzzle, you have this 3d block that is 1*1*2 units and it can rotate like you excpect a block to r

BMX Ramp

BMX Ramps 2


Close Combat

This is a game similar to the Worms series but with people instead of worms and played out in the middle east.

Color Burst

Dinner At Romeos

Downhill Jumps

Gangster Life

Getaway Gun Run

Glass Works

Hungry Piranha

FOG Ice Hockey

Mini Moto

Muay Thai 2


Ninja Rampage



Pipol Destinations

Planet Racer

Road Crisis

Rotation Key

Russian In The Army

Sim Rescue

Sim Taxi


Street Racer

Street racer is a rather cool racing game with 3 levels to complete. For a online game it's very nice, you can even chan

Super K9


The Chinese Professor

The Last Fight

The Legend Of Robin Hood

The Shepard

Urban Sniper