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Play only if you are bored. Ring is a game whereby it will train you in your mouse clicking speed(lol) and your memor

Udder Madness

You have to very fast in this udder madness so that the cows does not blow up when they produce to much milk.

Word Cube


Please wait a while for the game to load. It is a large game This is an awesome 3D shooting game with a mechanized T-


You are in this 3D world, blowing things up. It's not the best game play experience ever.

Mayan Mask Mayhem

Munch Madness

You control a dog with a big gun that is out looking for cookies... This is a very easy demo of the game even though I p

Ur Checkers

I've always been more of a chess fan, but Checkers is always an enjoyable game to play. The game here is no different; y

Add Like Mad

Multiplication Station

Subtraction Action

Cel Blaster

Creepy Crossword

A funny little crossword with vampire theme. It's rather fun for a while and if you can't beat it there is a "solve but

Roll On

Wacky Word Search


Memory Swimwear


3d Worm

Alien Cave

Art Of War

Ball Trap


A wacky, fun, odd little game with superb cartoon-ish graphics. Admittedly, it's silly and can be a bit frustrating at t

Crazy Boxes

Dodge Ball

Drive And Dodge


Hot Shots

I wasn't expecting much out of this game, but much to my surprise I was greatly entertained and couldn't stand not makin

Jungle Escape

Life Buoys

Love Tester

Match A Hottie

Ninja Nightmare

Pearl Hunt


Perfect Match

Present Panic

Quick Rotation

Rush Hour Madness

Sexy Slots

Fun, Fun, Fun! And frustrating. But if you've ever been to a casino and played slots, then you already know that. A Very

Small White Lymphocyte

Snowball Warrior

Snowboard Challenge

Space Combat

Splat Em

Swap A Smiley

Turtle Bridge

World Domination

Choose your enemies and your etnicity and then try to conquer the world with a huge arsenal of super weapons




Central America

Middle East

South America