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A 4-level Adveture game that is truly funny, but action-packed. To get through the next level, you must try and accumula


Introducing Tanks, an advance Tank War Game ever and it couldn't be more easier and fun to play. With Over 12 different

2D Bowling

If you've ever played bowling you will be able to figure this one out rather quickly but mastering this game is a whole

2d Chinese Checkers

The aim of the game is to clear the board by jumping over your dots with other dots until there is only one left. It ta

Freaky Fun

This is, what the title says it is: Freaky Fun!!! I wasted a good deal of time while playing this. It's sweet, fun, fast

Sheriff Tripeaks

Click the cards on the 'pile' that are one number higher or one number lower than the card you hold. If you are out of o


Klondike is the classic solitaire game. Unlike some people might think Microsoft did not invent this patience but merely

Sudoku Original

In Sudoku you should arrange 9*9 numbers in such an order that no line has the same number twice and the squares on the

Tribal Jump

Jump from scull to scull by pointing and aiming with the mouse. The game is very frustrating since you have to start all

Simple Tetris

What can one say about this game that isn't already known. It was a major platinum hit when it first came out on Gameboy

2d Paintball

Just use your mouse, point'em at the smileys and hit as many as you can. The gameplay is easy enough, but you've got to

2d Shootout

Certainly not the best shooter game you'll ever play and it's rather fixed and very silly, but this does have it's guilt

Air Dodge

This is a really a hard game to play and needs much getting use to which can turn a lot of gamers off. That said, it's a

Air Hockey

Don't have enought time to go to the mall or arcade to play, then this should keep you busy till then. Admittedly, it's

Bowling Master


A classic game that will probably never go out of fashion. Use your mouse to move the plaque left and right and make sur

Cosmic Defender

A very cool and fast-paced game that could have benefited greatly from better graphics and easier game-play, but still s


Block games are always fun to play and this one is no exception. Use your mouse to dismantle the group of blocks of the


This game is so Old School! If you're of the generation that grew up with games such as this, then this should bring bac

Master Checkers

Checkers as is. Just click the piece you intend to move, then click the block you intend to move it to. Admitted, the bo

Mega Puzzle

Memory Trial

It is often said that the best way to keep your mind sharp, is to keep practicing via games of this sort. This may well

Mini Pool 2

Mini Pool 1

Mini Putt 3

Perfect Pizza

A silly but surprisingly fun little game that can actually get you a little addicted. Simple concept, simple and colorfu

Pipe Mania

Roman Rumble

A rather clumsily designed game that misses its potential, and that could have been better stretched out. Overall it's o

Wild Wild West

Virtual Cop

This could have been an awesome shooter game, but it's let down by slow movement and some rather poor graphics. It's sti


If you love playing Hangman, then you will love this! Figure out the right letters to the words which range from songs a


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